Can you find time for a fitter you? How you manage to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle is so subjective. For some, it can be a real struggle. As a busy working mother, I get that. Once you begin to make small changes, you WILL fit health into your life and it won't be a chore anymore.

My 30 minute, high-intensity workouts will get you feeling buzzed about fitness again. Without overcomplicated routines or personal trainer jargon, my simple and effective programs will streamline your fitness journey. 

If you want powerful, energetic, body and mind changing workouts. You've come to the right place. You can book online and currently, any sessions can be coached through zoom or any other online platform you're comfortable with. 


Hey you!

The Fiercely Fit 12 Week Program 

Get fitter, stronger, and achieve your body goals within 12 weeks. You only need a little free weight equipment, your body, your mind. 


Your determination.  

  • 24 Progressive workouts to get you from kinda fit so superhuman fit! 

  • All workouts come with coaching videos and written teaching points, so your trainer can guide you through each exercise. 

  • 12 Extra optional weekly Challenges. From your quickest time challenge for the leaderboard to, how many reps you can get in a minute.

  • Photographically Guided stretch sessions with teaching points.

  • 14-page welcome pack with how to set you all up and how to get the best out of this program.

  • A video demo on how to use the app.  

  • FREE 39 page Recipe book with delicious recipes of snacks, lunches, breakfasts, and dinners in PDF form so you can download and keep forever. 

  • Optional nutritional plan and/or how to set up my fitness pal to help with nutrition. - All explained in the welcome pack. 

  • All-access with your personal trainer

  • Private space to upload progress photos and measurements.

What's Included? 


Want your trainer by your side throughout your workout? Need that extra push and tailored coaching looking at form and reps?


Personalized bespoke sessions starting from £18. Contact me to find out more or simply book online. Sessions are currently coached through zoom!

All for £39.99

Why book me?

I wanted to dedicate my life to helping people like YOU get into the best shape of their lives. When I began my fitness journey. I was a single parent, with limited fitness equipment, financial constraints and with zero time. Once I began to commit to three workouts a week, my life changed forever. 

That's all it took. Three hard, sweaty workouts over the space of 12 weeks and from that moment on people began to wonder how I was; organized, energetic, genuinely engaged with my child, working full time, running a home and most importantly...happy. It came from restoring my in-body balance and working on me.... GUILT-FREE 

Now I've taken my method to dozens of clients who now feel, their workouts as just part of their weekly routine. No dragging themselves to the mat and hating it, no more sore body aches, no more lethargy.


If you want results and you want to work with a trainer who understands you. Let's connect!

Real People with real results...

Not everyone's goals are physical. Some people just want a way to de-stress, reconfigure, create energy. Despite my workouts making you stronger, leaner, fitter in both strength and cardio, I am developing your determination, your stealth, and your confidence. You will become better in the mind, body, and soul.


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Ashley practices what she preaches and is so inspirational Her workouts are tough but fun and, sitting at a desk all week, I just want as much outdoor time as possible. So working outdoors is perfect!


I've been working with Ashley for 4 months twice a week. I wanted to work out with a PT to ring some consistency and accountability to my exercises and that's exactly what I got. I love working out outside, every week is different and I don't have to think - just turn up! Not only am I getting stronger and toning up, but it's impacted my eating, how I sleep in a positive way. I could not recommend Ashley more!


Ashley is professional and inspirational. I have had a great experience with her setting me onto the right course. Just the sort of kickstart you need. She puts you at ease with the workout tailored to your ability and interest.


A great and friendly personal trainer, professional and skilled! Highly recommend!!! She always gives me exciting exercises and keep me motivated. 


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