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What is fitness to you? How do you manage to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle? For some, it's a real struggle. As a busy working mother, I get that. Once you begin to make small changes, we can fit a healthy lifestyle into yours. Already fit but bored of your routine? Not a problem, with my skills and knowledge I can help you get to your goal, efficiently. 

My program and classes are suited to your needs and your goals. Want to get fit and feel the buzz of the gym? Not a problem, I am based at The Gym Cameron Toll. There you can access free classes throughout the week, simply book your space on their app. If you're looking for a bespoke package, I help you get fitter and curb your unhealthy habits within weeks. 

Is the gym too intimidating? Not an environment for you? That's ok! I have a private training facility at home, with surround sound music, LED lights and an array of equipment to get you strong, fitter, faster in no time. 

Ok, don't fancy being indoors? Don't worry, I got you. I train many clients outdoors, and when a day is nice and sunny you reap more than just an endorphin hit. 

Jenny, Edinburgh

Ashley practises what she preaches and is so inpsriational Her workouts are tough ut fun and, sitting at a desk all week, i just want as much outdoor time as possile. So working outdoors is perfect!

Simo, Leeds

Ashley has managed to push me and to set new limits, love working out with her.

Natalie, Edinburgh

I've been working with Ashley for 4 months twice a week. I wanted to work out with a PT to ring some consistency and accountability to my exercises and that's exactly what I got. I love the working out outside, every week is different and I don't have to think - just turn up! Not only am I getting stronger and toning up, but it's impacted my eating, how I sleep in a positive way. I could not recommend Ashley more!

Polina, Edinburgh

Ashley is professional and inspirational. I have had a great experience with her setting me onto the right course. Just the sort of kickstart you need. She puts you at ease with the workout tailored to your ability and interest.


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