Let's Get you stronger, fitter, faster. 


How does it work? We'll have an initial free consultation face-to-face or via video link for the busy people. This is such an important part of your journey with me. It's a way to get to know you, your health and wellbeing background and more importantly, your goals. We will use a quick form to fill out and it's a chance to ask me any questions from the get go. If you feel we're a match, let's book you in!


You'll receive a personalized exercise plan.  We will go through and agree on it. This is a great chance to explore more about you. You have the option to come train at the gym in based at, at my private Explore More HQ or outdoors. All plans are tailored to your specifics. This is the first step to gaining accountability for your new fitness journey. Your program will be a hypertrophy HIIT based, where we will use free weight, body weight, and some other exciting equipment - outdoors, and in nature. 

Alongside your exercise plan, you can choose to have a tailored nutrition plan in accordance with the British dietetics guidelines or nutrition tips and advice. We can talk on how to incorporate your plan or tips into your busy lifestyle. This is a great stage to take your accountability onto the next level and combine your exercise with some nourishing, wholesome food. 



My training sessions with me are always invigorating and exciting. You're not only in the elements, but you're pushing your mind and body. Your sessions are unique and tailored to your interests, your needs, your fitness level and we will develop your sessions as you develop along with it. Now you have goals, a plan, a nutrition plan - all designed specifically for you. There is now that fire in your belly to get going and to find a fitter, stronger you.


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