Improve Your Running With Me.

Running is my passion. It's my therapist. It's my stress relief. If you like to run, you chase that runner's high not only for the feel-good factor but to help you improve in so many other aspects of your life. Maybe, you've just completed a couch to 5k course, you'd like to use the sessions to train for a race or maybe you'd just like the company, come along!

Come join a running community where everyone is also a running enthusiast. From road routes to a mix of trail and road, explore the beautiful city of Edinburgh and more. 


Routes:  5-10 k 

Location: South Edinburgh, occasionally central. 

When: Mondays from 6 pm. 

Capacity: 30 participants

Time: 30 - 50 minutes. 

Technicality: Road, path, street, park, trail, mixed. 

Cost: £4 per entry per participant. 

Payment: Prepay at The Gym app or online on the website. Payment in person is possible but discouraged for running purposes. 



How do I find out about the weekly route?


Join as a member of the website and sign up for the running group chat. Through this chat, you can find out where the route will be, where to meet up and the approximate distance.


Using the chat, you can talk with other members to the group to meet up, talk tips, hacks, equipment pros, and cons etc. : 

What do I Bring?


Make sure you are wearing all the appropriate gear. If you'd like to bring your HRM, please do! Bring water, running backpacks if necessary and ensure you bring medical equipment if you are required to carry on the person. Headtorches and high vis are encouraged in the darker months and evenings. 


Sign up for an intensive 8-week course, designed to help improve your running. No more than 60 minutes of dedication every day practicing a whole range of techniques to help improve your running. We will go through;

  • Running gait analysis.

  • Pre-run routine

  • Easy running - Your"daily run", designed to help build your stamina.

  • Technique drills, to enhance your reactivity.

  • Core strength - to help maintain a good posture.

  • AIS - Guided Active Isolated stretching and mobility exercises

  • Foam rolling 

  • Fartlek surge training - designed to elevate your heart rate to increase aerobic capacity. 

  • Hill Repetitions 

  • AXT training - encouraging to use other aerobic stamina without stress o pounding your muscles, bones, and joints.  

Why invest  in me?

Running saved me. It truly did. I was going through a really difficult time when I took to running as a way to get out of the house. I soon realized I was still able to run like I did when I was a country runner. at school Soon I plucked enough courage to take my newly acquired love for running to the test. I won a few local races, been on the podium a few times and now live and breathe running. As I had to take time off from an injury, I began to study running more and love to coach to help others improve their running. Take a look at some cool footage taken at Foxtrail in 2016, you'll see I'm gracefully accepting my medal covered in fluorescent paint. who said races are boring! 


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