As part of my certification as a level 3 Personal Trainer, I can give guidance on nutrition. More in a nutshell of what services I can provide are of the following;



  • I mainly will encourage clients to eat lean protein and nutrient-rich vegetables;

  • I will aim to educate clients about the benefits of protein, healthy fats, and other macronutrients that will suit your diet - for example a vegetarian diet or Pescatarian. 

  • I will offer clients recipes or demonstrate food prep skills

  • I aim to let clients know about evidence-based nutritional supplements that might augment their healthy lifestyle. However I can not supply them. Best to always speak to a registered nutritionist or local GP if for more in depth knowledge. Supplements are not a replacement for food. 

  • I aim to educate you about the pillars of good nutrition and provide you with strategies to improve your eating habits;

  • I want to help you choose the right foods to eat before and after workouts;

  • We can talk about hydration. 

  • I'd love to share resources from recognised nutrition organisations such as The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the British dietetics association. 

  • I aim present nutritional information in an accessible for all. 


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