An unlikely place to catch a butterfly (or two)

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

With an entry to a castle like this, how can you not want to run inside and play knights and dragons right?! Tantallon castle is seriously epic on the epic castle scale. It gets overlooked so often from it's counterparts in and around Edinburgh, but this castle is worth the 30 drive out of town.

Entry to also genuinely affordable. £3.60 for a child and £6.00 per adult. It's also free for any historic Scotland member.

The castle is seriously unique! It's set high on a cliff edge, overlooking Bass Rock, the North Berwick coastline and The North Sea.

The place is just a bustling haven of secret coves and hideaways. It's a kids dream! It's a place for parents to really let their hair down and run around the grounds. Explore the underground dungeon or soar up to the top of castle over six flights of stairs to be greeted to an epic view shining directly over Bass Rock.

The area itself is teaming with local wildlife. We took a Discovery bug holder, where we spent a full hour searching for butterflies and successfully catching them!



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