A quick fitness video fix that'll get the heart pumping...

...and get that body moving again. I'm going to start at the beginning. This home program can be done anytime that suits you and your routine. For this routine, It will work your whole body, so prepare for some DOMS the next day or two!

Equipment required:

  • 8kg kettlebell or medicine ball

  • two dummbell weights (I used 5kg each)

  • mat - optional

  • water for the side

  • timer

The workout is placed into two circuits which are repeated twice. Each circuit lasts 7 minutes. If you have finished your four exercises before 7 minutes, relapse the workout until the 7 minutes are up.

Circuit 1

  1. x15 medicine ball / kettlebell squat clean and press

  2. x30 knee ups

  3. x40 ab bikes

  4. x24 walking lunges

Circuit 2

  1. x10 burpees

  2. x15 straight leg sit up

  3. x30 weighted step up

  4. x15 push ups

After you have achieved the first 7 minute circuit, take 30 seconds to rest. Start circuit 2, 30 seconds rest and repeat. Resulting in a 30 minute minute workout. This isn't a race, take your time on your exercises, focusing on your form and always engaging your core. Remember to breathe in for 2, and breathe out for 4.

You can do this! Thanks for reading and enjoy the videos!

A x



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