An in-city outdoor adventure that costs NOTHING.

If you were to ask my son on what adventure he'd like to go on. I can guarantee one of his top go-to-spots would be Arthur's Seat. If you're not familiar with it, it truly is a golden spot to explore. With an easy ascent and grassy slopes, it's a child friendly haven of adventure. Arthur's seat can be tackled from pretty much all directions, making it a place you can revisit time and time again.

Formed by an extinct volcano, Arthur's seat serves panoramic views of the Scottish capital, making it truly a unique place to visit. But what i love about this special place, is the quick access to nature, right from the doorstep of the captial's famous strip, The Royal Mile. This space can offer so many paces of activities, from trail running to toddling strolls on a Sunday afternoon.

From my son's perspective (given he is currently five.) - Its the epitome of exploration. He feels its an excursion parring with Everest. He can delve into the trenches (in this case the wild flower beds) and spot the birds, bees, ladybirds and rabbits that call A-S home. He can run free and to be honest, from a parent's perspective...are there many places you can genuinely let your ambitious child- come- Steve Irwin wannabe roam around without genuine stress or to be on constant danger-alert mode? Probably not.

We started exploring this natural heritage site when Harls was just a baby in the backpack. Back then, he wasn't really realising the wonder this unique place had to offer until he turned around 3.5. He was too old for the baby backpack, too young to climb it itself, so it was up to Donkey mum to get in some cardio for the 822ft climb. He truly feels a sense of achievement getting to the top of A-S. And not only are you graced with a sense of completing something, but you are graced with the views of the city and beyond to North Berwick's, The Laws.

Fast forward to our last trip there, where we took Nana. She hadn't climbed to the top of A-S in over TWENTY YEARS. It was a truly special moment, interacting with locals, the rabbits, getting some fresh air into the lungs. This place could cater for three generations, for free, in one moment.

So if you're family is at a stump for an activity this weekend. Grab your boots and take a hike (to A-S of course.)

Here are some ideas to get you going on what you can do there;

  • kite flying

  • butterfly catching

  • map reading

  • hide and seek

  • tag

  • ball games

  • throw and catch

  • bird watching

Thanks for reading

A x



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