As the nights draw closer in, what keeps me cosy (and sane) ?

As a lone parent, I spend my evenings alone. Once my little one is tucked up in bed, I'm running around like a mad-woman trying to prepare for the next day and keep on top of the running of the house (as i work during the day Monday to Friday i don't find the time). I want to cherish my weekends, so the evenings i'm busy. As this routine tends to go on and on, i am finding myself craving and realistically, needing to have more #selfcare. It's a trend right now to talk about it, and more and more people are looking to #selfcare with nothing but positive vibes.

As soon as the alarm wakes me up, i'm in a whirlwind of trying to organise my life and my son's. It's basically thinking for two, all the time. With no one to come give me a five minute break. Part of me loves that, part of me thinks that this is how it should be, i know where everything is (most of the time) and the house is super organised. But also, no one can keep the engine running, all. the. time. and now i recognise that its OK to stop (sometimes.)

So I like to transform my evenings into basically a spa resort. I know, it's bloody genius. And why not? Transforming my space into a place where it illuminates calm and rest is really a practise of self-therapy. I spend many nights stressing that this must be finished, and that list has to be accomplished but now i'm OK to let things go and to delegate (to myself) a more realistic plan so i can implement rest after work.

Essence of Harris is a great local resource to back up my master plan of resting and seeking out a calm moment in my life. They've mastered their craft and with all that love and attention to detail, i can feel calming aromas swirl around my lounge whilst i sip my oat-milk decaf (yes i'm one of those people.) If you're anything like me, i'm slightly obsessed with a perfumed room, and i love what a simple aroma can do to change your mindset. This is why I will always go to Essence of Harris to guarantee me a scent that will compliment my mood - which is currently the uber-chill vibe.

I've noticed over the past month, as I've changed my training programme, sleeping routine and dedicated more time for my body to recover, I've not felt guilty for it. I hope you busy parents out there will try to get some #selfcare in there one way or another. I would grab the chance to try out Essence of Harris and their incredible scented candles or diffusers for this month they're giving out a 20% discount with the code OCTOBER20.

Less guilt, more time to nourish.

Thanks for reading.

A x



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