Covid_19 and the move....

Hi, there #exploremoresquad ! Just a very quick update to say I'm thinking of you all and hope you are keeping well!

It's been one heck of a journey since my last post. So much has happened that i won't bore you with it all! I am excited to announce that we have officially moved to Harrogate, England. Albeit a few days before the lockdown was officially announced on the news. It has caused a little bit of a knock-on effect with The Explore More Mum, and therefore I have taken a small break as I am sure many of you have too!

I will begin to take online clients and zoom video calls as demand wishes! I have an exciting array of services from 1-2-1, running and couples! If you're feeling a little lost at home, have pent up energy and just was de-stress from all the new changes and of course all the people in your home 24/7?! At-home workouts are the answer for you!

I will aim to post as many at-home workout variations, workouts, dos and don't as possible on my Instagram page.

Join in for some live workouts during the week with and without my little boy Harley! Keep on top of when they are by clicking on the countdowns via my Instagram stories!

So try this little workout I have below. Aim for x4 rounds of all plank variations!

Despite these difficult times, it is a chance to focus on your, your health, your loved ones and enjoy the gift of time.

Thanks for Reading

A x



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