Five Habits of Fitness Enthusiasts

1. Getting a FULL nights sleep.

Yup! Adulting is real and sustaining a long full nights sleep is really beneficial for your body. Sleeping helps your body to fight back. For the stress you’ve put your body through during the day, sleep gives your body time to heal itself. Sleep can reduce your blood pressure, important for all the intense workouts or cardio you put your body through during the week. Whilst you’re off on the land of nod - sleeping is helping to improve your memory - Perfect for those busy people always on the go! But importantly, sleep helps to put you in a better mood, de stresses you and helps to maintain your weight. Want to know more? Get Dr Mathew Walkers new book on Why We Sleep. It’s a game changer!

2. Getting up earlier than anticipated.

YES THIS IS A THING! So I see it time and time again, people are time-poor. So how can you fit that fitness session in? Getting up earlier. Of course, going to bed earlier the night before is a necessity for your early rise to be effective. It’s all connected. Setting up your day with a morning endorphin boosting session sets the tone for the day. Don’t have time? Make it. As a single mum will a full time job and also running my own business on top of that and the house. I still find time six days a week for this. #noexcuses

Need help to find time? Email me no qualms!

3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

No one said oh I love that workout during it. The benefits of what you reap post workout is what your aiming for. In a fitness session your busy breaking down and ripping your muscle fibres apart. And it takes a heck of a lot of effort to do that. It’s all about getting used to THAT BURN. People who are fitness enthusiasts know this and push through, no matter what the cost. The change of mindset behaviours in people who now have an active lifestyle are inevitable.

4. Justify wearing fitness gear to everything.

Once your more committed to a fitness lifestyle, there is no point to wear anything else really. You’ll find people who are constantly doing fitness events, races, training and so on just always in the gear. And why not?!? I recently attended a talk in a beautiful hotel - head to toe in active wear. 🤷🏼‍♀️

5. Food becomes fuel.

Homeostasis is the word all personal trainers love to use. But what we mean by it is the body works it’s best when it’s in balance. So really, it’s ok to have a well rounded diet and eating everything in balance is ok! So yes, it’s ok to have the odd treat and yes it’s ok to eat salad but when you’re pushing your body through moments of extreme discomfort, it wouldn’t be worth all of that for a day full of saturated fats and sugars. People who are training begin to look at their macros, calorie intake, nutrient meter, hydration. You want your machine (you) to be fuelled with whats appropriate for your training program (decent food.) - example - endurance runners will tend of carb load the night before a race.

So there we are. Five habits you’ll find fitness enthusiasts tend to do. What is your typical habit? Comment below.



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