Island Life

Isle of Mull has quickly become such a sacred little place for us. As soon as we arrived we stumbled upon the Eos Fors waterfall. We were graced with 20 degree heat. We hadn’t planned this and luckily took our swimming gear in the boot, so it was a quick change and a quick dip! The waterfall was the perfect space to unwind and enjoy our surroundings.

Secret Spots

Being in nature is such an incredible moment, both of us adults are in city jobs and with the daily grind it can take its toll. Enjoying the space, the fresh air, the feeling of liberty was truly important. So stumbling upon the Eos Fors was a really great start! Our little one, Harls was in heaven. He’s a true outdoor-bumpkin and it didn’t take long for the boys to be swinging amongst the trees.

Where to go if limited on time

If you're only on the island for a day, then head north. The capital of the island is where you'll find a vibrant street of restaurants and rooms to sleep in. When we first arrived, we headed to Tobermory for dinner. Only issue we had was we didn’t realise how popular the town was and all the best eateries were completely full. No worries for us though, Tobermory has a co-op and we took some food home. Before we headed back to the hotel on the south of the island, we wandered around. The town is hosts to a cute little whisky distillery, names aptly after the town itself. There are some really adorable shops to go treat yourself and it’s the perfect place to explore their port. Fresh fish and seafood is caught daily and this is evident in the restaurants in and around the area. Thing is with Tobermory, once you’ve been, you’ve been. Quite a lot of the restaurants are the same.

Why visit Isle of Mull?

Greatest thing about Mull is that the landscape is so vast. Calgary Bay is thee perfect example nestled in the north west of the island, it’s best described as a hamlet. Best way I can describe it is the Scotland’s Barbados. The bay is the softest, white sand, flat and open, protected by two mountain sides. It’s a huge playground for all of us. As soon as we arrived, Harley dove into the bay. And we had time to do flips and cuddle. We should have spent all day there in hindsight, but we arrived in the afternoon and wanted to go eat! The bay, on a good day, is literally heaven. We were blessed with the good weather. The idea to have that perfect weekend escape can be made a reality on the Isle of Mull. It's really easy to get around (given you're driving), and you can get to any good spot within a couple of hours. Any spot is also heaven for a view and to catch the local wildlife.

Iona in the distance

Great thing about Isle of Mull, is that it doesn’t take long to get from one side to another. We agreed, the next day that we would explore the southern part of the island. Not as blessed with the weather, we couldn’t stop by to enjoy what this side of the island had to offer. However, we wanted to explore, so we drove around. Harls absolutely loved this day, it was a chance to see such a variation of landscapes. Our route took us to Fionnphort, Mull’s most southernly point. A crossing where you can travel to the isle of Iona. We loved this part of the island, it’s so baron and the rock cladded beach itself felt really prehistoric.

A definite must was to visit the Isle of Mull cheese farm on the north side of the island. It was closed when we arrived, but their shop is open. They had a trust box (even with a card machine!), which just reflects island life, you would never see this In the city!

Highlights for the kids

The fish cafe in Tobermory, as you'll see from review is really good. And man was it good! We got instead on thumbs up, some bunny ears as a form of approval. The food there was super fresh and super yummy. Be prepared to get the wallet out though! We attempted to take a secret jaunt to the caves in the south but the cars couldn't handle the off road approach so we took a turn back. However we stumbled on some amazing logs which was a moment of pure child heaven! My point is, just get out an explore the island. We managed to see some amazing wildlife and the cheese was an all round favourite!

Where to stay

Our hotel was like walking into the 1970s. It wasn’t for us at all, but they had a gym and a pool, which we used and the room itself had a huge bed! What Mull wasn’t expecting was the heat, so no heating fan was provided. It was a super last minute plan to Mull, and from what we saw whilst out exploring, renting a house would be very much worth the money. The hotel food wasn’t for me, so we spent all out time eating out, having a local villa would save us some money. We hope to go back and when we do we have narrowed down to some incredible accommodation havens! Maybe next time we will hope to go with a group of friends!

What we missed

Overall we absolutely loved Mull, beside the dramatic change in weather (no surprise there really). If you want to connect with nature and be open minded to exporing the landscape with your own feet, then this is the place for you! As we were short on time, there were no many attractions on the island that we couldn't go to THIS TIME. We'd like to go back and try some new activities out for sure. There is a super cute croft on the island that can show you how to make willow baskets and so on, we'd like to visit them! You can find them on here:

We also missed climbing Ben More (Great Mountain) , which is in the middle of the island. Rising up to 1,174m, you'd certainly get a view of the island. Its a 12k walk and it looks certainly worth it! If anyone has gone, would love you hear of your experience!!

We also (due to weather!) couldnt visit isle of Staffa! Such a shame as it was on the top of my list. But until next time....

So we loved it. We loved Isle of Mull and all its charm. We highly recommend all the above and have put it on our list to visit once more! Hopefully next time with a larger group and we will conquer Ben More for sure!

Thanks for reading

A x



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