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Let's start with a new friend, and fellow mother Olivia Jane. Olivia is an outdoor adventurer and enthusiast. She decided to take on a type of distance running that she never thought possible. And now, it's inspired her to race in more in 2019. Keep you eyes peeled for more of her adventures! Lets hear what Olivia had to say about her first

U L T R A M A R A T H O N !

I survived my first Ultra-marathon.

I ran my first 50km ultra marathon last week. 32 miles, 2000m off elevation and a whole 9 hours and 30 minutes and i wanted to write about it.

Run an ultra they said, it will the coolest thing ever, they said. You will inspire people, they said. You will become a super human athlete who knows no fear, no limits, no toilet going boundaries, they said.

‘Yeh ok why not!’

So let me put it this way, I'm an adventurer, i like to explore at my own pace, with no time limit on the clock. I'm not a runner, and like to think of myself as the brisk walker. Iv never really enjoyed the pain off pushing myself to my limits. I explore in the mountains on a weekly basis, weather it be in a pair of walking boots or on a mountain bike.

Last year my partner & myself decided we wanted to climb Mont Blanc via the ‘Trois Monts’ route, which is one of the more technical and longer routes up to Mont Blanc. To accomplish this and get back down to the valley floor safely, we will need to walk at altitude at a fast pace for about 14 hours. Physically i have always been walking fit since a young age but when you start adding altitude & weight of a rucksack to the equation, things become a little more different. I was adamant Run when you can, walk if you have to and crawl if you must, just try not to give up and get as far as you can, that Mont Blanc wasn’t going to defeat me in terms of physical fitness.

I have already been at altitude in the Himalayas over 5000m so there wasn’t that unknown i had to worry about, it was just the slog off 14 hours up three 4000m peaks in deep snow on my feet. I knew i had to start training hard because walking mountains at a casual pace every week wasn’t enough. So over the past 5 months i have been doing a lot of cardio training to build up my fitness.

So i decided, to increases my chances of survival when i climb Mont Blanc and id been advised to start running. The theory behind it was if i can run for long distances and get my body use to high intensity running for long periods then Mont Blanc will be a walk in the park right? (joking)

I did it, i entered a 50k, not doing much running as training just trying to walk faster on the uphills in the mountains and run the flats and downhills should get me though this 50k i thought. I wanted to challenge myself and see what my mind and body was capable off. Time on my feet over a long distance was really important to my training.

Race Day

Ready and raring to go at the start line, i had tried to mentally prepared myself for this moment. I didn’t care how long it was going to take me i just knew i wanted to cross the finish line. The first 10 miles was great, nice steady pace, walking the up hills, running the downhills and flats, enjoying every moment and embracing where i am and the people who surround me. 15 miles hit and all of a sudden my knees went and the pain was unbearable, i walked a couple of miles to see if i could ease the pain, nope it was just getting worse, the only thing that got me through this point was cheese and tomatoes at one of the aid stations. 20 miles in and i can officially say the pain was worse than child birth but i DID NOT give up. I wasn’t putting all this effort in to just stop. The downhills were getting steeper and longer and it just seemed never ending trails. I had a little cry and pulled myself together and decided to focus my mind on the feeling off finishing and tried to blank out the pain as much as i could. I arrived at the final aid station and there was only 5km to go until the finish line and i had this bust off energy, all i wanted was to get back and have a cuppa tea so that was my last 5km goal to pick up the pace and leg it back for the cup of tea. The last 5km was reasonably flat threw woodland. I saw the finish line in the distance and i had never felt so relieved.

I crossed it with every little bit off energy i had left & in that moment i believe i went from zero to hero.

Wow! What an incredible inspiration! You can check out Olivia's photos from the day more of her adventures by clicking onto this link.

Thanks for reading

A x


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