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It's time for a new blog series, showcasing an amazing group of humans putting their mindsets, health and well-being at the forefront of their life priorities. In this new series of Monday Motivators, you'll get to meet a whole new group of wonderful extra special humans talking about their achievements, passions - all on theme of what could motivate or inspire you. If you'd like to get involved, please drop me a DM, email or instant chat on my website.

Please let me introduce and incredible business woman and running fanatic, Ali Wyllie. Let's here her story...

Find your running “Why”

“Why do you run?” is a question I’m often asked by non-running friends and colleagues. The reality is, I actually can’t understand why anyone would not run.

For me, running is a way of life. I have ran since I was about 12 years old. I feel synonymous with running, it is an integral part of me.

Running makes me feel free, alive and energised.

Running has introduced me to some of my closest friends and taken me to some incredible places. I feel grateful daily, that I have the health, freedom and ability to be able to run.

I love nothing more than to escape to the trails and bounce over gnarly tracks, twisting and turning, feeling at one with my surroundings. Do you remember the simple childlike joy of jumping in puddles? Trail running brings out my inner child. I squeal with laughter on trails, my face aches from smiling when I am running up and down hills.

When I hit the trails, nothing else matters. All troubles, anxts and worries diminish and I feel truly present.

My advice to anyone wanting to get the most out of their running is simple; fall head over heels with running. Appreciate running and the physical and mental benefits it gives you. Have the desire to run surge through your veins and become a part of who you are.

Running is literally my therapy, my escape and my celebration all in one. I have found joy and comfort in running to such an extent that I have an overwhelming desire to spread the running love and give the gift of running to others.

I co-founded Cani-Sports Edinburgh; a special running club where we run with our dogs. Some of my favourite and most content memories are running with my late soul mate; Princess Jasper the Vizsla.

I also co-founded Foxy Trail Runners – a monthly fun, friendly and free trail running group in and around Edinburgh and I also started my small business; Run the Sights - providing running tours in and around Edinburgh.

So you see, it’s so very simple; find the joy of running, it is not a chore but a great privilege.

Can't wait to join one of Ali's clubs and see for myself. Check her page out for more inspo! Thanks for reading.

A x


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