Monday Motivators

It's time for a new blog series, showcasing an amazing group of humans putting their mindsets, health and well-being at the forefront of their life priorities. In this new series of Monday Motivators, you'll get to meet a whole new group of wonderful extra special humans talking about their achievements, passions - all on theme of what could motivate or inspire you. If you'd like to get involved, please drop me a DM, email or instant chat on my website.

Let me introduce you to Sophie. A personal trainer based with Cavefit, a raw functional fitness company in Edinburgh. Sophie is an amazing motivator with oodles of knowledge on health and fitness. Let’s here what she has to say!

Comfort & Growth! 

The most challenging part of going to a new gym is being the rookie. Even as a qualified personal trainer with years of experience I STILL get that feeling in a new environment. Where does everything go? How does THAT machine work? Am I fit enough to be here? 

Confidence comes with feeling comfortable in a situation or environment. Growth comes from being uncomfortable in a situation or environment! 

I started my fitness journey at school doing sport, that was the only exercise I did, no gym time, no food prep, just me and my friends and a netball! The real challenge was when I went to Uni and everyone was going to the gym. I didn’t really know why, it looked boring, just lots of machines and no room to throw a ball! I went with some friends but didn’t know what i was doing and too afraid to look stupid i just stuck to the treadmill and doing ab crunches in the corner. Some days when it was quieter i would venture over to the assisted machines and read the instructions and give them a go. 

I started looking up exercises and gym programmes online, fascinated by what I had seen some people do (particularly in the squat rack) and i wanted to try it! I remember so well psyching myself to go and try it and then as I was walking towards the squat rack (where all the big bulky guys were) I was terrified, they all looked at me, why would a girl be over here? I chickened out! I eventually asked a male friend to show me what to do! As soon as I knew how to set the bar up properly and knew i was performing the movement correctly I was confident to do it by myself! That’s all it took! The reassurance from someone that I wasn’t making a complete tit of myself! From there my fitness journey progressed, lifting weights, doing circuits, running further and faster - it all complimented each other and my mind was blown! I wish I had just asked all the ‘silly’ questions sooner! I became a personal trainer and now work at Cavefit, teaching clients the things I wish I had been taught sooner. 

When clients start a sentence with “this might be a stupid question but...” I am never anticipating something ridiculous, I know it will always be a valid question and something at some point I didn’t know either! I laugh because some of my clients are lawyers or doctors and yet somehow I’m the smart one because I know what an AMRAP is? 

Starting or progressing your fitness journey is daunting but it’s also addictive. Finding a friend or a coach who teaches you and gives you that confidence to try something out of your comfort zone is key! What happens if you fail? Nothing! You can just try again. I’ve failed more box jumps than had hot meals, lost chunks of hair to the ab roller, smacked myself in the face with barbells and resistance bands and all that happened was that I was embarrassed for a few seconds and then really tried not to do it again. 

With the increase of gyms, fitness events and challenges and the acceptance that women can be stronger than men it’s the ideal time to put yourself out there and see what you can do! 

In 2 weeks I will be doing my first Triathlon and I’m terrified and excited! What’s next for you? 

Thanks so much to Sophie for her truly motivational post. So liberating to see other’s vulnerabilities and to talk openly about them. Check out Sophie on the gram @sophie_cavefit



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