Need a getaway that's not miles away?

If you're like me and live in the city, it can all get a bit much. We're so lucky to have so much at our doorstop, but with people everywhere and the hustle and bustle taking it's toll, more city slickers are escaping to the Scottish countryside than ever before. And the stats don't lie, in 2017 alone, Scottish Tourism board provided a survey that suggested that on average per night, over 8,135 people sought a night away in Scotland. 13.5% of people were also willing to travel up to 80 miles to a destination for a day trip, to explore or adventure.

This is why we decided to go to Killin for the night. Killin is at the North East tip of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs national park. It's 72 miles from Edinburgh, a mere 1hr 45 mins drive. For anyone in the city needing inspiration to escape, this place is it.

On arrival, we went straight to The Falls of Dochart Inn, was a classic Saturday night with local live music and Guinness. My partner, who is Northern Italian, was living his best life at the moment. It was the kind of night that all tourists love. Surrounded by overflowing candles, inaudible Scottish drunken chat and lots of fresh faced tourists. The place was super full, but we only stayed for a few drinks as we wanted to get up early for a day of adventure.

Killin nestles at the bottom of Loch Tay and the towering Ben Lawers. We thought of making a hike up there, but due to the weather we opted to go island exploring around Loch Tay. To hire a two man kayak for £20 an hour is really worth it! As we went first light on Sunday, we were the only people on the Loch, the perfect getaway for two. Island hopping was amazing, we explored the island and found fruit, mushrooms and local flowers.

Our accommodation was super cute, and located a five minute walk from The Falls of Dochart, an extremely romantic location. We spent the early hours of the morning hopping from stone to stone, watching the river Dochart fall pass the Old Mill and Clann McNabb burial grounds.

We had enough time to trek (1km away from Killin's centre) to Finlairg Castle, a 17th century castle on the peninsula of Loch Tay. Finlairg is now a withered ruin. It's a great little place to explore, and because it's surrounded by now fields and forests, its a really great place to recharge your batteries from the city.

In financial terms the room was £50, which included breakfast. We went £12 on snacks for the night before, £10 on drinks at the inn, £20 on kayaking. £46 pp for the perfect little getaway was really worth it! Killin itself has lots of accommodation to offer. Overall our little getaway was an affordable time away which in turn gave invaluable time for self-care, for a time to reboot, a chance to get into clean fresh air and most importantly, time together.

Thanks for reading

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