Time for some self-indulgent sleep.

Sleep - a necessity for us a but for some it’s an anxious time. With 74% sleeping less than seven hours and 12% of us sleeping less than five hours of sleep a night (a 7% increase from 2013), what factors are going on?

Most reports are saying that some of the main factors are stress (53%), partner disturbance (25%) and noise (18%).

So how is lifestyle impacting on our sleep?

Well 1 in 4 Brits are drinking alcohol to get to sleep compared to 1 in 6 in 2013. The biggest drinkers out of the numbers are ‘Generation X’ (that’s people aged between 45-54. Men are most likely to have a drink to help them nod off.

Surprisingly 12% of us don’t sleep with their partner and more often 24% don’t sleep with their partner throughout the week. As society is changing, Brits are less dependant on their spouse, as the trend for sleeping apart grows.

But how do we look after ourselves affect our sleep? An increase to 12% of Brits use meditation to aid sleeping.

With all these amazing statistics splashing around, it’s clear to see we under value our sleep.

So what can we do get those zzzs?

Plan a workout routine around your life. Boosting the body with endorphins and energy isn’t counterproductive. It aids the body into a better sleep routine. Whilst you’re sleeping, your body will repair and grow and therefore you’ll see results. With more than a third of Brits not even exercising once a week, there is a room for improvement.

Avoid the iPhone, iPad and tv before you go to sleep. Let your body start to unwind. Try a yoga routine, cup of caffeine free tea or warm turmeric latte before bed. Read an article, magazine, book. Try to meditate. There are many options out there that don’t require the iPad!

Get up early! Feel productive for your day. Start your day with some stretching, a run, a luxurious breakfast!

Cut out the alcohol. “

Alcohol has extensive effects on sleep and daytime sleepiness. In healthy people, acute high alcohol doses disturb sleep. Data from healthy people suggest, however, that tolerance to alcohol’s sedative effects probably develops rapidly. This tolerance development may lead to excessive hypnotic use and, possibly, excessive daytime use for insomniacs.

The effects of alcohol appear to be bidirectional in that nocturnal sleep quantity and continuity and subsequent levels of daytime sleepiness also influence alcohol’s sedative and performance-impairing effects. Sleep quality and daytime sleepiness may also relate to rates of alcohol drinking and become a gateway to excessive alcohol use.” - Timothy Roehrs, Ph.D., and Thomas Roth, Ph.D on the paper, sleep, sleepiness and alcohol use.

Really celebrate your bed! In my room, I have only the bed. I’ve framed it with a shelf and a beautiful photography by Lena Larsson Photography. And that’s it! No tv, no clutter. Just the bed. E.E. Smith from Psychology Today talks in her article “I see many sleep-deprived patients, who go on to describe their bedrooms: that they are crammed with everything from coffee makers, gym equipment, TVs, DVD players and computers to dog beds”.

Its even noted that blue tones in the bedroom help your sleep hormones! The colour blue is the most common colour for a bedroom. It is said to contribute to longer rest and is calm and soothing. The reason has a lot to do with your eyes. There are special receptors in your eyes called “ganglion cells”. These are the most sensitive to the color blue. These are responsible for relaying information to the part of the brain that controls your circadian rhythm. This can affect everything from your daily performance to how you physically feel during the day. The colour blue is also closely associated with a feeling of calmness. When they are picked up by your ganglion cells, the information is relayed to your brain and can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, which contributes to a good night’s sleep. Out of a study of 2,000 people by Travelodge, those with blue bedrooms tend to sleep for 7 hours and 52 minutes!

So let’s go back to all the knowledge when it comes to sleep. Let’s really make your bedtime routine indulgent. Time to de clutter the room, time to prepare yourself for bed. Time to add all the little extras that make your sleep amazing. One little item that I have that is the best aid to my hatred for any type of light seeping into my sleep is my Tìr-Dhàimh sleeping mask. Made from silk, this mask is the ultimate sleep exuberance. Each eye mask is softly padded with hypoallergenic wadding and backed with beautifully soft micro-satin, for maximum comfort. Love the fact a Tìr-Dhàimh eye mask gets delivered in its own branded drawstring pouch.

Tìr-Dhàimh describe their eye masks as lightweight, indulgently soft and warm. And they nailed it!

Really prioritising my sleep, using luxurious products such as the Tìr-Dhàimh eye mask, working out frequently during the week and eating right have all helped me to gain control over sleep.

If you’d like to get some more support or advice on sleep, please drop me a message! I can recommend interior designers to nutritionists, personal trainers 🙋🏼‍♀️to products that can all help you on your journey to better sleep!

Thanks for reading

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