Unwind In The Glen

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

When I look at how busy and hectic my life as a working mother, it makes me realise I really do need to try and make more time for me. And why not make it guilt free free time too!

I took the opportunity to go discover what guilt free free time was and headed to the Cairngorms for sometime to #unwindintheglen with Howe of Torbeg. Howe of Torbeg is not even a year old and has so much to offer. A perfect place for millennial couples and families, Howe of Torbeg boasts on site; a tea shack, small shop with local information guides, a hammock, beautiful shower room and washing facility and of course not to mention four glamping pods, each with their own fire pit. Whats not to like?! We took the luxe pod, which of course was just that.

We drove from Edinburgh, taking the snow road through the Cairngorms. Our experience hadn’t started with Howe of Torbeg yet, yet we were already submersed into the tranquil country life, exploring the outdoors and what the local area could offer us. We pit stopped at the infamous Devil's Elbow. We were greeted with the most epic view of Glenshee. After our quick pit stop, we drove towards Braemar, a vast green-scape surrounded by populated forests and small villages. The road led us past Invercauld Bridge, a seriously striking bridge which crosses the River Dee. We got back on the road which led us just left of Ballatar to Howe of Torbeg.

My partner and I had never glamped before. We really didn’t know what to expect. However every time a door opened, one to the pod or to the bathroom room we gave genuine wows. The decor oozes hygge and the quality of tactile materials and furniture is high standard, the place so clean considering it’s an indoor/outdoor concept, and not to mention it’s so beautiful.

We couldn’t wait to go and explore and since we were blessed with good weather, we headed straight out. Howe of Torbeg is nestled at the bottom of vast moorland, lush farmland and the open Caingrom countryside. It’s situated right next to a river a-joining the river Dee in the absolute heart of Royal Deeside. This type of location is gold-dust. As you’re right in the thick of it, it took us less than 15 minutes o be on the open moorland. After our jaunt around we thought it would be perfect to head to Ballatar to eat and grab provisions for our night beside our own private fire pit.

As we arrived the sun was setting and we prepared our snacks under the blanket of the stars. Now Howe of Torbeg has questionable internet coverage, to no fault of their own, and that’s EXACTLY why we loved it. It was a chance to unwind in the Glen, to sit by the side of the roaring river and to hear the dusk birds chirping. It was a chance to engage with the outdoors which having some home comforts literally next to us. It was simply the perfect night. Howe of Torbeg have nailed the unplug experience. Going into our pod for the night, it was simply magical to relax around soft lighting, comfy sheepskin throw and warm heating so we could sit and play indoors comfortably. You can grab a game from their office which closes at 6.30pm, perfect for playing with the family or partner. They have an array of games to chose from, which was one less thing for us to pack.

And we bedded down for the night, it didn’t feel at all claustrophobic in our pod. It was homely, comfy and had a lot of storage under the bed, perfect for placing our boots in and other equipment. Each pod has its own window so if you need fresh air you can access it very quickly. As you can see Simone here is 6”4 and fits in perfectly.

We slept so well. It was that type of surreal experience where you've felt you had a truly nourishing sleep, and not to mention the day before, filling our souls through the surrounding nature, it almost echoes a place for well-being. From what we hear, Howe of Torbeg are developing their site where a beautiful studio will be built to house yoga, Pilates classes and other activities children as wild flower painting. We think this is the perfect addition to their space and we felt Howe of Torbeg was a place that emulated calm, rest and a restorative nature.

As we woke up, we were greeted with the most perfect sunrise. Howe of Torbeg delivered a delicious breakfast. It's such a luxury to have a warm breakfast delivered to you door without lifting a finger. It was such a motivator to get up, go and explore. We trekked to the other side of the Glen where you can see Howe of Torbeg in all its glory. Even though we were at the end of March it was still winter foliage, there was so much colour surrounding the Glen. Was absolutely stunning.

We also had a chance to explore Prince Alberts Cairn, about a 20 minute drive from Howe of Torbeg. The typical route to the top have many cairns, leaving the best and most striking to the top it we took the back track, still equally as well paved, passing the gorge. The large cairn at the summit was erected by Queen Victoria in memory of her late Prince Albert, of course this was at a time where Egypt and India are exotic places to explore. We have never seen anything like this in Scotland and absolutely loved hiking it!

The hike up to the summit of the hill was absolutely beautiful. We were blessed with beautiful weather and because we hiked early, there was absolutely no one around. It’s so convenient to have hikes like this so close from Howe of Torbeg. Having only a short weekend makes you want to have unique places to explore on your doorstep. This area certainly provides that.

Having the mix of a beautiful pod, space and access to restaurants, cafes and activities makes this place the perfect mini getaway spot.

As Howe of Torbeg have perfect put it....Unwind in the Glen. A brilliant base for your holiday as well as a real haven from the hustle and bustle and the perfect place to connect with nature.

We’ll we back!

Thanks for reading.

A x



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