"We Don't Challenge the Elements, we Adapt to them."

Couldn't have put a better tag line onto a garment that has really saved my bacon in the last few weeks. Nordic Outdoor and I have teamed up to put the Didrikson's Tropos Jacket to the test. I've taken the Tropos jacket with me everywhere; to and fro work, out to hikes and around town. It's really great to see a jacket that suits the every day and also a technical hike. I guess that intelligent combination makes it clear why Didriksons are over a hundred years old. They effortlessly manage to combine rain-wear and functionality. The Tropos jacket in particular is windproof, waterproof and breathable. Personally, having a jacket that can provide all the necessities for Scottish weather and make it stylish and lightweight makes it a jacket worth the reasonable price tag. The material feels expensive. almost slightly thicker and heavier than your average lightweight jacket. You'll know what I mean when you go to try one on.

Didriksons say "Our customers are from one to one hundred years old. Everyone needs functional garments that work all day, every day, whether it rains or not. Clothing with a timeless, classic design that works over the long term." and I truly believe that. The Tropos jacket really fitted into my lifestyle, from the school run to the food shop.

I particularly love the small details on the jacket. From the detachable hood (which by the way is finally a large hood for women) and the key hooks inside the large pockets.

It's good to see that this is a company that cares beyond just the making a good profit. Didriksons aim to reduce their environmental impact and leave as small a footprint as possible behind us. They minimise the use of chemicals, say no to toxic substances, and use as little water, energy and transport as they can in their production. They're a company really wanting to make a positive impact for their next generation.

Didriksons have gone on to say, "We want you to be able to do exactly what you want, when you want, and still be dry, happy and feeling good."

So overall, in terms of being actually able to withstand the rain and wind, I give a huge thumbs up. Don't expect too much insulation from this jacket, it's more of a thin overlay to put over a jumper or some thermals. The hood is fantastic. For some reason, a lot of companies seem to believe women like a small hood but Didriksons did good on the size. They have a adjustable straps so the hood can cling to your head for when the wind comes. With an extra flap over the forehead, you have that little extra protection.

What's great to know is that Nordic Outdoor stock this jacket in black, red and pink. Great to see a product that gives options rather than the standard 30 shades of pink and purple.

If you haven'y heard of Nordic Outdoor, you really got to go visit their stores. It's like stepping into Scandinavia. They stock the highest quality Scandinavian products. Caspar Odqvist and his values behind Nordic Outdoor truly emulate in their carefully chosen products. Of course, Didriksons Tropos jacket being one of them. All their products are super functional and stylish. Just like a typical Scandinavian. They have various stores throughout Scotland. Both Edinburgh stores are packed full of goodies and it's soooo hygge. I highly recommend you check them out.

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